RAMBo boards

Hi all

is there, or does anyone know where I can get a Rambo V1.3 in the UK? import charges are a bit harsh to buy from the US.

I’ve seen those GEETECH Rambo v1.2g boards, but are they suitable to run a Taz 6? they seen to be on the cheap side as well and I don’t want to find the printer on fire after spending time and good money building one

any links, info would be greatly appreciated

Lulzbot themselves has stock of them in their UK distribution warehouse. https://www.lulzbot.com/store/parts/rambo-v13-kit-wires-and-connectors

Be sure and select “United Kingdom” from the “availability” dropdown so you don’t get charged import duties.

IT works https://itworks3d.com/ has also indicated they are willing to ship to the UK in the past. the import duties and whatnot would be there then, but you might be able to get a refurbished board cheaper than a new one even with those duties.

Thanks for the heads up

Last time I looked they were unavailable.

Ive been looking on itworks for the bed washers, threaded inserts and electronics enclosures. I will contact them about that