Refurbished TAZ 5?

Has anyone purchased their TAZ 5 from IT-Works? Wanted to see if they’re a reputable refurbished reseller before dropping the cash.


They are the only lulzbot approved authorized reseller, and that’s where all of the lulzbot factory returns go. There have been 1 or two printers shipped with undetected issues in the past, but they have been quick to fix them ( one bracket that failed in shipping, and one extruder thermistor that failed that I know of )

If you go into it expecting a reasonably well working, not cosmetically perfect printer you will be fine. If you want the new car smell, buy a new one from lulzbot directly.

I concur with piercet. While I have not purchase a printer from IT-Works, I have purchased a fair amount of used parts from them. I have not been disappointed.

I-T Works is also the only official used unit reseller. While LulzBot will not be able to cover any broken items on used units, we are more than happy to help troubleshoot and diagnose.

I-T Works does include a 30 day hardware warranty for all used units, so be sure to pull it out and play with it during that time frame.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it!

I purchased my Taz 5 from itw and couldn’t be happier. Jamie was helpful and shipped the same day. The printer arrived in “oem” packaging along with all reference material and even lulzbot’s tool bag. It printed really nice right out of the box and I imagine in the future if I do have issues I’ll have an equally pleasant experience with itw.

I bought a refurbed Taz 4, my best friend and brother each bought refurbed Minis and i’ve placed 5 or 6 different orders for parts over the past year and I strongly endorse Jamie and his staff. Wonderful to do business with him.

Aww, thanks!
We generally ship same day on orders before 3p MST,using OE packing whenever possible.
We’ve developed a number of QA steps to turn up issues before shipment, including running 2 test prints on all printers- 1 long PLA thin walled vase (PLA leaks, dimensional accuracy, overheating, “needs an exorcist”, etc…), then 1 ABS or HIPS print of the octopus. These are done by two different people to double the eyes and ears looking for issues.
We have the resources to quickly address issues after shipping as well, including an excellent head tech that is a great resource for asking “what’s going on here?”

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