Retraction Disabled with "Follow Mesh Surface" - 3D printed rc Planes

Hey lulzbot community,

Attempting to slice and print thin wall files from 3Dlabprint RC planes.

Almost there… except the necessary setting for these files “Only Follow Mesh Surface” disables retraction, which basically kills the print. (massive amounts of stringing, loss of filament on travel moves leads to gaps in walls)
Without “only follow mesh surface” enabled, the retractions are there, except now the software misinterprets the desired toolpath.

I get that “only follow mesh surface” has to disable settings like infill, top/bottom thickness, but it should not affect retraction settings.

Below you can see the how the stl files looks in normal view (exactly how I want them to print) and once black magic “follow mesh surface” is enabled the generates the proper toolpath, however it disables retractions :frowning:

If anyone knows a way around this chime in! Thanks