Rubber pads under 'z' washers

I don’t care for the rubber pads under the ‘z’ washers for several reasons which I won’t go into now…so anyway I partially milled a trial fit part …if you have one for each corner you’ll know they’re all the same height and you can also shim under the bottom of the pad easier if you need to raise it up a little or sand the bottom a little to take it down a little for ‘z’ calibration ‘tweeking’ …only need the one bolt to hold it down!..I used the lulzbot file and altered it just a little!..don’t need the hole that big either just a ‘trial’ before I make four for real!

What material did you use? How does your first layer look across the build platform?

the material is machinable wax… still tweeking things more pictures to follow…

didn’t have time to make any feet yet so to get by for now… m3-50 screws total 8pcs ace harware

You might be OK with machinable wax, but the OE rubber is better. Don’t make anything hard. Remember, the glass plate is pretty big and it gets hot by design and thermally expands as a result. I’m old enough to remember the first solar panel designs working this out. It took awhile, and there was lots of broken glass.

You should get a lot more experience using the machine before making big mods to it.