rubber string/chain on Y axis


Here is a video, and I hope the problem to be visible :slight_smile:
The right part of the rubber chain is wiggling left and right (around its local axis) while going in Y+ direction.
Should I worry?

Looks like the carriage is just hesitating a bit. It should still work, but if you are concerned about it, you can check the bushings and see if they need cleaning / replacement, and / or increase the belt tension. THose self lubricating bushings don’t require lubrication, so if you have been lubricating the rods you may want to pull them off, clean them well and possibly replace the bushings if they are gummed up. They also do wear over time so if this has been a heavily used printer it might be time to replace them.

Hm all this seems strange… because the printer is fairly new. It was purchased 2 months ago, and the belt thingy has been happening maybe even from the start.
If I start touching stuff, do I need to do difficult things such as calibrate stepper motors later?

We use self lubricating IGUS bushings. As the printer is used, the rods will be lubricated and have smoother movement over time.