Running in to an issue with i guess the x-axis

Ok have a big issue, got my printer out of the box and ran though the leveling like 3 times to make sure it was good. Started printing some test prints, good to go. They printed with nice sharp lines. Decided to print a warhammer tank for fun. Printed tank body turned out good. Started printing the treads/side and had to stop it cuz the levels are moving back and forth in the print and not sitting flush on the level below it. so i don’t get straight prints anymore. tried re leveling the whole thing many times, cleaned it over and over. All i get are crappy prints over and over. Im about to send this back and ask for a full refund, this is so pissing me off. Anyone on here have this issue before, any fixes that i’m overlooking?
I have a Taz5- tryed using cura and pronterface, same from both

TY and could really use the help

Please, may you give a link to a STL model of the part you are printing?.
By your description I would say you are perhaps trying to print a complex part.

Which size is the part you are printing?
May you post some photos?


Maybe but i found a good pic earlier that shows whats happening. Used the fix they suggested. first print after the fix, i hope it works. I think the problem would be listed as Misaligned Layers. I hope realigning and tightening the set screw for the x-axis works. Fingers crossed
cookiecutter_superman.STL (323 KB)