Running off a touch screen computer

Hi all,

With my laptop done, I am looking for a way to run my Taz3. I had tossed the idea of getting one of those touch screen computers. Maybe a 20" or so. I am wondering if anyone else has done this and how do you find it when you need to enter numbers into Slic3r and such? It is more of a hastle than it is worth?

I just want something simple for control over the printer. This will also include internet access, sd card compatible, and pronterface/slic3r/simplify3d compatible. Some typing for numbers and letters will take place

It should work well. You’ll probably have the option of using an on screen keyboard as well when editing text fields.

Anyone happen to know if all touchscreen all in one PC’s would come with an onscreen keyboard or not?

I run my Kittaz using my old surface pro 1. If you are running windows 8 an on-screen keyboard pops up when you click a text entry field. You can dismiss it with a little X on the top right corner. It works as well as using a PC with a mouse, although you have to be careful about some of your touches. This is especially noticeable when you are trying to slide something (e.g temp)

All Windows versions include a touch screen keyboard for many years. The issue is that with desktop applications it may not auto show when an edit box gets focus. In the tray there should be a keyboard icon that will show and hide the on screen keyboard if it doesn’t.