Rust on Z axis screws?

Hey all,

Any suggestions for dealing with rust on the z axis screws? Our poor Taz 4 has the unfortunate luck of running in a very tropical area (the Arecibo Observatory, on the lovely island of Puerto Rico), and although it is housed in a building with AC and hasn’t been exposed to the elements at all, it has begun to develop some rust on the Z screws. The areas coated by the white grease has only developed a light rust coating, but the areas which are uncovered have developed a flaky coating.

Also, any recommendations on where to source replacements? Does Lulzbot sell them? I couldn’t find them in the store.


Hello! Did you ever find a solution? I’m having the same issue! Thanks for sharing!

We use the Lucas brand of white lithium grease. Don’t use a petroleum based grease.