S3D ABS Mini Profile

Hey guys,

I’m really struggling to get my mini to print ABS with the same quality as the standard Cura ABS profile. I’d really like to use S3D because their support structure method is much better IMHO. I tried to match the Cura settings as closely as possible but I’m not quite there yet.

I’m printing a curved surface. The outside almost looks like I’m not printing enough material in certain areas (I tried bumping up my flow rate a bit and it didn’t seem to help.

On the inside of the curve, I can’t decide if it’s ringing or what.

I changed the X/Y motion to 10500mm/min to match Cura which seemed to fix the blobs and zits I was having , but now this issue has arisen. What X/Y speed (travel) speed, Print speed, and outer shell speed do you all use for your S3D ABS profile?

Here is a Cura standard print of the same object:

I can post my FFF file later tonight after work. I was just hoping someone might recognize the ringing defect and what I should go try changing to try to improve it. My gut tells me it’s a speed related issue, but my current print speed in S3D is 1800 mm/min, Cura is 3000mm/min. You wouldn’t think speed would be an issue here. Could the gap fill maneuver cause this? I recently changed the infill overlap to 30% in order to get S3D to bridge gaps correctly and not leave open voids.



Since S3D has the Mini as a supported printer as well as ABS as a default profile what is the result using the S3D defaults before you tweak anything? As I recall the defaults are quite good and really the filament diameter (and extrusion must to 1.0) is about the only thing to change before anything else. Possibly too much filament. What is the infill setting in the above S3D print? Looks similar to something I did recently at 100% and it was essentially too much filament used for the gap fill.

I figured it out right before you posted. You were correct, S3D was jusing gap fill and since it was such a thin part, it was only 1 perimeter thick so the gap fill was overlapping 30% and causing the print issue. I went back and told it to use perimiters only and gave it a nice overlap percentage and it came out much smoother.

Now the only issue I have is at a few spots its leaving blobs. Looking at the tool path in S3D, I’m pretty convinced this is because it’s crossing an open part of the solid as opposed to going around the perimeter.

I’ll try the standard profile tonight and see if it compares to the cura profile.


How were your results using the default profiles for ABS? I’m having the same problem as you on my Taz 6… prints from Cura look MUCH better than via S3D.