Saving space with dual extrusion.

Just an idea for someone who might know how to do this…

A big problem with dual extrusion seems to be that it severely limits the size of prints. The solution to this may be to design a swiveling head to reach the full range of the printing area. This could accommodate up to four nozzles before it becomes limited on a horizontal plane. If they were set up on vertical plane (like a ferris wheel) you may be able to accommodate even more nozzles as long as you have a good feed system for the filament. Of course this would require some software tweaking but overall I think it might be a good forerunner project for someone to take 3d printers to the next level. Any thoughts?

There’s a guy that did a machine with a SCARA arm. I always thought that would work great with a bunch of extruders. They can even be working at the same time.