SE Tool Head - Aero v2 - TAZ6

For some reason my SE Tool Head has just stopped pushing the filament. Any ideas?

At first I thought it was just a clog, so I switched back to the original tool head to keep printing. AFTER trying everything else I could to clear the supposed “clog”.

The nozzle is not clogged. I’ve run it at 290c to burn off anything in there, and have pushed filament through with no problems. I’ve brushed it inside and out repeatedly, and I’ve even switched nozzles to a brand new one. I’ve tried loosening and tightening the little tensioner knob.

Still no luck. It acts like it’s going to work by pushing a small amount, and then it just … stops extruding.

Nevermind… I guess I just had a screw loose. (in more ways than one) The screw just behind the fan, which connects to the drive shaft. Just a tiny bit loose, but enough. Tightened it up and now filament is flowing once again.

Wish I could just edit the previous post.

It ran one print job and died again. The screw is still as tight as I can get it. NOTHING extrudes. The filament just doesn’t move, and the nozzle is not clogged.

Give the idler screw a turn or two to increase the grip of the hobbed bolt.