Show off your Printer and Printing station!

Good afternoon all! I’m Jeff, and I’m still fairly new to the community. I’m the proud owner of a TAZ 5. I’ve been working on my printer cabinet for close to 8 weeks now, and it’s finally to a point where I can post some pictures. Every single piece in this entire cabinet that is plastic was printed on my TAZ. I actually got an e-mail from the power company saying that my electric bill was “unusually high”… LOL.

I would like to thank the folks at Aleph Objects for making an awesome machine, especially Ray over at tech support. He’s helped me out immensely with some PLA issues.

I’d also like to thank mhackney for his amazing guides - A Strategy for Obtaining Great Prints & Strategies for Resolving Print Artifacts. Without these, I wouldn’t have had a clue where to begin. Thank You!!

This is the full cabinet for my TAZ 5:

The cabinet is designed with 1" black anodized 80/20 extrusion to match the TAZ. I ended up going with 1/4" glass on all sides for durability and heat retention / temperature stabilization. The upper chamber contains the TAZ 5 and the custom filament feed components.

Here’s a close-up of the upper chamber:

The lower chamber is where I keep all of my filament - up to 8 different rolls, pre-fed into the filament retainer behind the printer. I didn’t want to deal with climbing in and feeding new filament all the time.

This is a picture of the filament feed rack. I’ve only got one fed through right now…

And here’s a close-up of the locking plate that holds the unused filament lines from dropping back down below:

And finally, here’s a close-up of my modified extruder assembly. This includes the TAZ 5 80mm Fan Shroud.

I did use 2 info sources outside of our forums here that I found seriously helpful. As a person with very little knowledge in printing, sometimes pictures are way easier to understand. These 2 pages have kind of a problem solving by picture example format.

A visual (bad U word here) troubleshooting guide


Getting better prints

Posting printer and printer station in a printer and printer station bread

Here’s another, more recent station I used for a short production run.

This past weekend, I made an enclosure for my TAZ 4 and moved it to my garage so I can use it more. The enclosure seems to make a huge difference to print quality so far.

The enclosure is very basic, costing < $100, and my woodworking skills aren’t the best … but hey, it works! For more information see

Here is my setup.

Enclosure (already made a post on that). has FlashForge Creator Pro and the Taz 5. Makerfarm Prusa i3v on the table.

This is my printer heavily modded. You can find the modded files in

Edit 11/20/2015 added more photos

Neat! What do the big filliment and hotend buttons do?

That extruder mount looks amazing with the copper tubes. What are you using to supply airflow?

Those are blower fans for the filament and hot end. I labeled them so I know which is which. There are more picture on Please click the link on the original post.

Oh wow, ok, you have pneumatic tubes running from the blowers out to the hotend. Interesting solution!

We had our printer next to our computer, but after figuring it out how to network the printer without using Raspberry Pi and Octoprint we moved it to a different room and can now print over network.

Amazing kendawg, I thought I was the only one taking the blower-fan approach. Take a look at my ExtrusionPack (, which uses similar mechanisms.

Just got everything settled out and the Mini up and running in the new space. Had to wire in some receptacles in the room as well. Gave each printer dedicated 20amp lines.

This is my temp setup down in the shed room, I’m about to move hence why it’s temp. I want to build a perspex enclosure around it so I can vent the nasty ABS fumes. I print from an old laptop with webcam and control via teamviewer. I thought about making it web enabled but honestly why not just use a laptop? I have no other use for it anyway…

3D print workstation, Taz 5 with custom 26" cube enclosure…

View from the wireless remote PTZ IP camera…

As built (uninsulated and leaky), the enclosure interior temps stabilize out in the low 90’s. It’s enough to improve my ABS print quality significantly.

Here’s the latest picture of my Taz:

It has a few minor modifications…

Here’s my attic.

I need to invest in one or two enclosures as it’s really cold up there most of the time.
End up running a fan heater to warm up the room for a while before printing or I got massive warping issues.

Those foam floor mats piled up under the printers really help dampen the sound.

this is my brand new lulzbot mini… i’m using it in order to build a marble run… i found lots of free files in… this is my funnel =) :smiley: :smiley:

Here is my TAZ 5 printer.

The printer is enclosed in the 28"x28"x27" enclosure. An LED light strip was also added to the top, it is held on with magnets. A tool caddy was added to right side.

The filament spools were moved to to the top of the enclosure so they are easy to change. The stock guide tube holders were used.

The vent holes for the electronics. The center hole is used for access to connect the power cable before the printer is slid in place.

A thermometer was added to monitor the internal temps. The door is left open when printing with PLA.

Netcam mounted to right side of the enclosure so the printing can be remotely monitored.

One of the problems I had with my dual head was the idle filament would break on big prints as the X axis moved back & forth. The black 3D print bracket was installed to hold both filament tubes vertical and prevent them from bending. The bracket is attached to the back of the extruder plate. The stock screw was replaced with a M3x25 and wing nut is use to hold the bracket on.

Wow mine is so bad compared to some of them on here haha. But I figured I’d still post it to show how it works for me.

So it’s a Lulzbot Taz 3. I got it from ITW in Loveland Colorado! I got it used for a great price (especially considering how bad the AUD has tanked lately!) and the guys there were great in terms of shipping it to me all the way over in Australia! Thanks guys!

It was actually in great condition, The only thing I’ve done is change the PET tape to a PEI sheet, and honestly, the PET tape was brilliant, but it stuck so hard I ripped it up bigtime. The PEI sheet is AMAZING, just let it cool and it lifts right off. Amazing :slight_smile: I HOPE it comes down in price, it cost me about $100 AUD for one sheet, but at least it was sent from Australia (from Lulzbot) so it arrived quickly. I’m happy to pay for such fast postage!

Yes this is a ghetto setup. I moved into this place about three months ago but I’ve been so busy this has been seriously neglected. I built this bench, I made a sketch literally on a napkin and then just made it one night drinking beers watching stargate atlantis. I was pretty surprised how solid it is, I tried to make it as stable as possible, while still being a decent height so I didn’t have to lean down to work on it. It doesn’t look that tall in the photos, but it’s pretty high, can’t remember actual high in mm, but it’s perfect standing height for me and I’m like 185cm tall? I need to add some shelves to it so I can store my ABS underneath it.

Basically, I have an oldish samsung slate 7 tablet which connects to the printer via USB, as well as a webcam. Then the tablet connects back inside via wifi. I use teamviewer to start/stop prints via cura, as well as view the webcam to make sure no errors. I’ve also got a wifi controlled power switch to cut power in case I’m printing while at work/away and something goes really wrong.

I need to print a better mount for the camera so it’s level with the bed, and also so I can attach LED lights to the camera, rather than relying on the shed light to see progress. I also need a better filament reel holder… this one doesn’t hold it and it spools off, so I have to lean an ammo box against it just to hold it! Also I need to make a mount for the tablet too.

Yes that’s right, I print in my garage! Its actually worked out really well. See, I was quite paranoid about ABS fumes, and rightly so it seems, so I didn’t want to print inside. So I made the table to fit in the garage corner. The bonus is that it retains heat very well, PLUS when I arrive home, my ute’s engine actually warms the room quite a bit, which means ABS prints even better!