Sidekick 747 marlin firmware with gLCD unload filiment

When I change filaments via the glcd, I park nozzle I heat nozzle, purge, remove the extruded purge, unload, using purging filament (repeat), then load the filament, and then cool the nozzle.

The problem is, when I unload (two times in above process), the firmware first extrudes a tiny bit more filament and then drops the hot nozzle down on or very near the bed.

This doesn’t seem optimal in my view on two counts. First hot nozzle, second it extrudes a tiny bit before unloading. The little filament often gets pushed onto the outside of the nozzle.

Seems to me it would be better to keep the head parked, allow the user to clean off that little piece of filament extruded during the unload, and then allow the user to cool the nozzle and move the head wherever he wants.

Is there a way to change this behavior short of creating my own custom firmware build with modified code?

Of does it sound like I have something configured incorrectly.

The way it is now the outside of the nozzle is getting unnecessarily polluted, and I’m not sure if the pei on the bed is getting damaged, but I’ll keep an eye out.

It is normal for the filament change to extrude a small amount and then quickly retract when changing filament. This helps reduce the possibility of a jam when changing filament. I use my finger to pull back the tensioner that presses the filament against the hobbed gear so I can pull the filament up very quickly as it starts to retract.

I don’t have a Sidekick … my printer does not lower the Z axis during a filament change. It does normally perform a purge at the end of the filament change to try to clear out any remaining old filament. You get to continue to do this to make sure the new filament is flowing without any signs of old filament (e.g. different color or type) being mixed in.

You may want to make sure you are running the most current firmware. It looks like the latest version is

The M600 gcode command has parameters if you want to use that instead of the LCD panel.


I might try that, but when I am at the printer changing filament, controlling the printer through a phone via octoprint seems silly.