Sidekick with 0.8 HS toolhead

I have a HS 0.8 Toolhead that I want to put on a 747 Sidekick. It appears as though when you swap the toolheads now the BL touch is too far up and the nozzle will hit the bed before the plunger from the touch. Is there a known solution (I will print a spacer, but wanted to ask first). Also it seems strange that the toolhead is selectable on the printer but won’t actually work with the printer.

Definitely an oversight when it being in the menu, but the HS is not listed as compatible on the website:

It’s a bit strange that they didn’t just change the mounting points for the HS to be higher to account for the extra length of the larger heatblock.

It looks to be compatible based on the Sidekick user manual. I suppose it shoudl be renamed “almost Universal Mounting System”.

Anyway - spacer worked and I am off and running now.