Silicone lube?

Any recommendations for brand, size of silicone lube for drive gear for a TAZ4

None. They are self lubricating if you are talking the Z axis, or for the Wade gear, none is required.

The guy at Lulzbot told me it was ok to use based on the pic I sent him. It’s for the two big gears working in the extruder.

Although I haven’t used it on any printer, I have a can of Ace Hardware brand spray silicone lubricant. It says it’s pure silicone. I’ve used various brands over the years, and they all seem to be about the same.

But if you use something like this, take your extruder far away from the printer before spraying it. You don’t want to get silicone on your print bed surface; nothing will stick to it!

silicone should not eat plastic gears, so it should be fine. You also should not need it at all though.

Ya, this is what I don’t get. I have emailed support to have them look into it. I’m not aware of us recommending this practice.


Thanks Jeff! I will refrain from lube for now unless I hear other wise. The new hearingbone gear in on the way and supposed to arrive tomorrow. Should I print up some back up gears just in case? If so any recommendations on where to find the files?

Hi bt_134. I just reviewed your review ticket and the suggestions regarding silicone lube were regarding your threaded rods. Sorry for not making this clear. The plastic gears require no lube whatsoever. Likewise, none of the smooth rods or bushings on the X, Y, or Z axis need additional lubricant either.

The small herringbone gear is the best part to have a backup of, as it can occasionally need replacing. The STL and Gcode files for the small herringbone and all other printed parts on the TAZ 4 can be found here:

Sorry again for the misunderstanding. Happy printing!

Thank you! No worries on the confusion.
Quick question…can I print the herringbone with PLA? Or is it not strong enough for those forces?
I’ve got PLA dialed in, but not as solid with ABS.

We print them in ABS. There are definitely people on the 'net who prefer them in PLA though. Both will work.


Thanks for all the help jebba. My herringbone arrived yesterday. I did my test print and just now finished the PLA herringbone print. So I’m up and running.

I do think I messed up and that’s why it broke initially. I had replaced the PET tape and that messed up the z axis height. Despite my thinking it was too low. I think it caused jams etc etc. But all good now and I’ve learned.
Thanks again!