Silly question: Can I change the order of files on SD card from Taz 6

It used to give me the newest file added to the SD card first. And then the other day it started putting them in an unknown order. But now the files are below the folders. I am an impatient girl and that is just too much time to waste trying to click on the right file. Especially since it is not the bottom file.

Is there a setting somewhere?

Depending on whether you have a Mac or PC, there should be a “file finder” setup that allows you to choose the filing order. On the Mac at the top in the Finder there are menu items for you can choose Date, Name, Size……

Hmmm. I did change it in windows but it did not change on the lulzbot. I will play around with that, thank you.

Well that setting doesn’t seem to translate to the taz. I wish I knew how it got screwed up.

The SD on the TAZ 6 is read/written by the Marlin firmware. Between the time it used to give you the newest file first and the time it started putting them in an unknown order did you update the TAZ 6 firmware?

Unfortunately, the sort order isn’t a run time configuration. There are a couple of compile time configuration settings:

  // Reverse SD sort to show "more recent" files first, according to the card's FAT.
  // Since the FAT gets out of order with usage, SDCARD_SORT_ALPHA is recommended.


If SDCARD_SORT_ALPHA is defined, then the state of SDCARD_RATHERRECENTFIRST doesn’t matter.

Changing the way Windows or MacOS displays the contents of the SD card won’t make any difference on the the TAZ 6. If you copy all the files (and folders) off of the SD card, format it, and write them back it might change the order on the TAZ 6, depending on the compile time firmware options.

Thank you so much. I will try a format. I think it might have changed when I started printing with a clone of the printer to print 1.75mm filament. Thanks for the reminder I need to change it back. And it worked. Thanks.

You can try to name your files with some numerical order, such as 01 Thing1 , 02 Thing2, and see what happens on the SD card. as I undersand it, CURA does the naming and ordering.