SL Tooolhead - TAZ 6 installation

I have successfully installed the SL toolhead on my TAZ 6. Unfortunately, when I test print, items “slide” off the print surface like the print is starting just above the print surface instead of on it. Yes, I am using glue.

Isn’t there a programmable value in the advanced setup on the LCD menu screen that allows the updating of the Z-axis start point?

The Z-offset can be set from the LCD screen. Its under Configuration, Probe Z Offset. I believe the updated value is automatically stored in the EEPROM, but there’s a save settings available from the LCD screen as well.

Alternatively, you can use gcode commands to read / write the value using M851. M851 alone displays the current value, M851 Z-1.2 would set the value to negative 1.2. Use M500 to store the setting in the EEPROM.