Slic3r not working, error code inside

Yesterday I printed a 12 hour print on my AO-100 and have been running fine for the last several weeks since I got my initial issues with Repetier-Host sorted out. I loaded up this morning and began heating things up, while that was happening I loaded the object to print and clicked “Slice with Slic3r” The same way I have done for at least 50 prints since installing Repetier. It sliced the object and then threw this error code.

12:33:56.255 : Argument “\x{31}\x{6d}…” isn’t numeric in numeric gt (>) at C:/PROGRA~1/Repetier-Host/Slic3r/lib/std/Slic3r/Print/ line 828.

I have searched the net, and even re-installed Slic3r and am still getting the code. Does anyone have any insight as to what might be going on?

are you trying to print with brim or some other new setting enabled that wants a numeric value but the field is currently blank? That error is the generic “slicer was expecting a number at this point in config and it isn’t there” error message. Could also be a corrupt config file.