Slicer Layer Part Layer Directions

I was wondering if anyone else has run into the problem of your slicer not choosing a good direction for your first part layer? I had a part that was essentially a plate with some pegs sticking out of the bottom. I chose this orientation to protect a geometry on the back side that I cared more about. Anyway, after printing supports for the part the slicer tried to fill in the first layer of the part in the same direction as the supports were laid down. This led to sagging filaments on the first layer and an undesireable finish. After the first layer, it printed orthogonally and every subsequent layer came out great. I originally sliced this with MatterSlicer, but also checked Cura and another slicer to see if they would do it differently but no. Anyone run into this issue or have a fix? Also, please dont tell me to change my orientation. I understand the effects of that change and am only looking for a slicer setting or software that doesnt have this flaw.

Hmm… well, with S3D you can adjust the orientation of the supports. :slight_smile: But that’s probably not what you want to hear.

Can you turn the project 45deg in the Z axis? Basically turn it clockwise when looking directly down at the project. This could possibly help if the infill is set to print at a specific angle to the bed.

So it turns out that in MatterControl you can choose the angle of your supports and the angle of your infill so I tried running these orthogonal and it was much better. Hopefully this will help someone else who runs into this issue.