"Sloppy" prints on Taz Pro

Hello all, Im wondering if anyone can help me figure out a fix for this issue.

We have 3 Taz Pros here and one of them is consistently giving poor prints. Specifically, theres elephants foot, “horns”, and bad layers (see pics).

Ive done a variety of things: Adjusted the travel time of the hot end, Z-offset, bed temp, hot end temp, and recently have adjusted (loosened) the X-axis belt a bit. (It was super tight). Nothing seems to work. Im out of ideas, and feel like im hitting a wall. The other 2 machines work well, and no issues. On top of all this, all 3 printers are brand new, so im left wondering what could be so wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance

Is that ABS? Could that be a cooling fan issue? I have had some prints look a little droopy like that when I turned off part cooling trying to stop warping.


No, its PLA. I spoke with a Lulz rep and we have started an RMA because of the issue unfortunately