Smoothing Model

I have found the layer Height to be the way to smooth the model out (correct me if I’m wrong). It works okay. I was wondering, how low can you go? I’ve tried .10 and it definitely smoothed things out. But the models are still kind of rough. What is the lowest setting you can enter?

The real limit is to get a nice 1st layer. Depending on your part size, you will recognise that the sag of the X-axis is already a problem with 0.1mm. The most important thing is to have the z-offset perfectly dialed in.
For the rest of the part, it’s a question of time. 0.1mm is already realy slow, but if you have only very small parts or you have no problems with print times measured in days, feel free to go even lower. But as the layer height gets smaller, every not-perfect setting may destroy your print.

In test prints, I was going down to 0.05mm. It was looking realy nice, but the time… :wink:

Thanks. I guess that’s what I’ll need to smooth this thing out. As far as time, I just run the thing overnight. It seems to not mind running that long. To me, its worth the time to get it smooth.