Soft-Sided Printer Cover Project

I am currently working with Aleph Objects to create a soft-sided printer cover, which they intend to market under the Lulzbot brand. This cover would retain heat when needed, to reduce the possibility of warping, and also as a protective cover for the printer to keep out dust and debris. I have attached a number of images. One shows two design concepts, one with a triangular window, the other a rectangular one. Other images show an existing prototype of the rectangular window version. The unit uses 4 fiberglass rods, like you’d have in an umbrella as support, to allow free passage for the filament guide. The unit has a riser support for clearance that has 2 rare earth Neodymium magnets and a self-centering feature. This snaps securely to the cross beams on the printer. There is also a Rod Bracket that captures the fiberglass rods and also has 2 magnets. The magnets automatically connect when they are in close proximity to each other and the self-centering feature also helps secure the top, if it is bumped. We have discussed adding a Flap in front for access and to control heat. This is not currently on the prototype and will add about $5.00 to the retail price. The cover is to be made out of Kevlar, which is heat/flame resistant. The unit will come with the soft cover, fiberglass rods and magnets. The user will print the Riser Support Bracket and Rod Bracket along with 8 small protective tip for the fiberglass rods. Assembly takes just a few minutes. We intend for this to retail for under $100. Please feel free to comment and make any suggestions. Thank you!!!

I like the idea, $100 seems a bit steep for what it is, particularly if I’m printing parts of it, but perhaps that’s just the cheap guy in me. One thing I would suggest, that a few people have noted with other enclosure projects, is to ventilate the electronics box on the side of the printer. There have been reports from people that have not done that and had missed steps from the controllers and other issues caused by overheating. Good luck on the project, nice to see something like this coming pre-made for users. Don’t forget the Mini users as well. :smiley:

Small weights at the bottom to reduce ‘flapping’. :slight_smile:

I think venting the electronics is an absolute must but a major concern would also be to assure that the material it’s made of is fire retardant or proof. If not that would be a major hazard as printers are known to, well burn…