Software for translating model down or exctracting top of gcode?

I’m currently working on a model where some finely detailed parts didn’t turn out right. They’re easily removed, and I’ll solve it this time by building a new stl, printing the piece, and gluing. But I was wondering if there’s a tool out there that would have allowed me to more quickly re-gcode the portion of a piece above a given layer?

The first way I could see this happening would be for Cura or the like to allow translation of the stl down into below the print bed, with the software only gcoding the material above, or just specifying a start layer. This kind of thing would also be useful in other situations, such as printing a portion of an stl, just rotating it, then printing the other part.

The second would be a script for deleting the bottom layers of the gcode. In theory this latter would be simple (just changing the number of layers and then decrementing the Z for each layer by the Z for the first layer that should be printed), but if done manually this would be prone to error. If no such tool exists I may tinker in spare time with writing some python to do this but don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

Asking this on a General purpose support Forum might not get you the answer you want. Why don’t you just edit the code? Or redraw the project and make in two parts?

With Simplify3D you can have different layers be different resolutions. So you can print your whole part at 0.3 and then the fine detail at 0.1

@wmgeorge64: In this case redrawing is definitely the quickest answer and it’ll work best. I could also edit the gcode manually but that would take longer than redrawing and be prone to error. But I can think of other cases where it would be easier to just re-slice part of an existing stl without going back to drawing, particularly when the CAD machine is separate from the printer control machine. If there is already software that can do that sort of operation, using that long-term would be better than redrawing each time. Hence, I asked the general software forum, but perhaps a non-Lulz-specific community would be better.

@nbmoretto: Thanks for the advice. In this case it was a matter of a thin protrusion that has previously printed OK but in this case started acting as a wipe tower, so just changing the layer height wouldn’t help, but I’ll keep that in mind for future parts.

@jabishop there is exactly the feature that you describe, but it is somewhat “hidden” in Cura. Change to full settings by clicking Expert->Switch to Full Settings. In the Advanced tab under the Quality section you will find a “Cut off object bottom” setting which can be increased to lower the part into the platform. This allows you to skip that area from being printed.