solid model for extruder

Hi everyone, I am new to the board here. I just recently got my Taz 5 and while I got it up and running out of the box and first print in under2 hours, I am less than happy with the design of the extruder. At least on mine, after that first print, I have had issues with the nozzle jamming and the extruder ripping apart filament. I have cleaned out the hobbed bolt, but I wanted to incorporate a new design with a spur gear perhaps. When I search in the development area there is only an STL file of the extruder mount and motor. Is there a true solid model located anywhere, or do I have to redraw it? Just wondering since it would save me a lot of time.

Thanks and happy Printing!

Try my solid model, it should be ok, BUT I havn’t tested it for fit so be warned.

You’ll find all the files for the whole printer here. This is my upload though so don’t consider it endorsed by Lulzbot.