SOLVED - What appears to be oozing, stringing between travel points on 1st layer

Hi All - been working with excellent lulzbot support but just wanted to try the forums to see if anyone else had advice. I am playing around with printing a NES controller model I got off thingiverse (back side only) and it has some voids (screw holes) on the first layer - it is either oozing or following a travel pattern from screw hole to screw hole and leaving string like residue on the bottom of the print. So when completed you see the strings when it travels from hole to hole. I set up retraction etc - but it still occurs, going to try adjusting the z-offset now and report back. Just to let you know I tried rotating it (flipping it) and using supports to print on the inside side and that helps - but it needs too much support to print upside down, making too difficult to cut out. I printed a retraction test tower and did not get any stringing at all. I am printing at 190 degrees- using the default recommended high detail settings. I attached some pics as well so you can see. Just curious if you think there is anything that can be done. I’ll update this post after I test with the Z-offset. Thanks all!

I got it! - I just needed to turn combing to OFF - Lulzbot support was great - but I think my terminology using the word oozing and stringing made them go into a different direction - i will let them know!

I found it in a Reddit thread here: