Some colors of ABS stick better than others?

So I changed the nozzle on my Taz 5 from a .5 to a .35, just to play around and attempt higher rez. prints. It took a bit to get the tolerances dialed in, but I’m basically there. I started with PLA and moved to ABS. However, the first color I tried was Balck. I had a heck of a time getting the first layer to stick. Even with some goo, it is challenging. So I switched to Orange, and poof! it stuck on the first print; same file.

So do some colors stick batter than others?

Different colors of a filament probably has different dyes and fillers… So definitely a possibility.

You can also try varying initial temps to help the ABS stick. Clean the bed with some acetone, alcohol or high grit sandpaper (or abrasive pad).

If all else fails, try lowering the nozzle to the bed for initial layer. Easy to test if this helps through your slicing software’s Z-offset setting. A negative .05 to .1 should help.