Some Elements Near Hot Bed Sagging

This elephant took 20 hours to print. Often when filling the walls the Y axis (the bed) jitters. The jitters are significant, and after 20 hours of the bed periodically jittering certain weak points on the object that are near the hot bed fatigue and sag. the piece that sagged is the largest disc that is still in contact with the hot bed. Being a novice at 3D printing my uneducated guess would be the remedy would be to lower the bed temperature by about 5 degrees, hopefully not making the material near the hot bed so malleable. A photo of what is happening is attached.

My question is: Do you concur that the best remedy is to lower bed temperature?

Does anyone think that heating this area with a hair dryer would soften the filament enough to move the sagging disc back to its intended position?

Taz 6, beginner mode, ngen, 230/85 Standard Print