Springy PLA - Is this normal?

I just replaced my Budaschnozzle (this one is brand new, a .35mm)

Now, when I do a test extrude, the filament is ‘springlike’ in appearance. There doesn’t seem to be any combination of tension on the feeder screws that I can find to fix this. When I first got the printer, a text extrude would come out nice and smooth. Now it looks like this: You may have to view the full size image and zoom in to see what I’m talking about.

Is this normal? Is there something I can do to make it extrude smoothly again.
I have tried extruding at temps from 185 - 195 C and it is also doing this same thing with the blue/translucent PLA.


I’ve had that happen with a few different kind of hot ends. It hasn’t impacted my print quality. It could be that the filament is extruding faster than it wants to fall. If you’re concerned that something is inside the melting chamber you can do a cold pull, where you set the hot end at extrusion temperature, open the hinged idler to release the tension on the filament, push it down into the hot end by hand then drop the temp by 20 degrees. Once it cools a bit, pull the filament out. Once cooled, most if not all of the molten filament should pull out of the hot end nozzle. Repeat as desired, most of the time you can get an impression of the nozzles internal geometry.

Thanks for responding to my topics Orias. This forum has been a valuable resource for me; a 3D printing novice.

I noticed this week, that if I increase the temp above 192 C, the filament extrudes smoothly. So, I’m wondering if the temperature profile for the filament is a few degrees too low. Either way, you’re right, it doesn’t seem to make too much difference to the print quality.


You’ll find that the recommended temps are more of a baseline- some filament colors/finishes like a hotter/cooler setting.