Squish and Stringy Appearance

We have 2 Lulzbot Taz 6’s here. I love the machines and we have had great reliability with them.

However, I have ONE of the two machines that always visually looks different (and has different print quality than the other) and the issue is always the same.

It acts like it doesn’t SQUISH the first layer enough. And the individual passes, (as they lay next to one another) in a given layer do not look connected. Imagine that beginning layer (even subsequent layers) as looking like two lines of rope laying next to another instead of two lines of rolled-up playdoh that you’ve set your hand on and squished a little so that the two rolls tie into one another. Its like one pass is totally separate from the next. I have attached photos to illustrate the issue.

The other machine has never had this issue.

I have played with the percentage on the first layer as well. I always call it the SQUISH - I think the default is .40 of the normal thickness - but it never seems to change.

The issue is slightly better with PLA (but not ever gone) and more pronounced in ABS.

Can you offer any suggestions?

Adjust the Z-Offset in the LCD menu a little closer down to the bed surface.