Squished Prints


I’m pretty new to 3D printing, but have been teaching my middle school students how to model in Tinker Cad, and slice using CURA to print to our new Taz Sidekick 747. We’ve been very successful for a couple months - having gone through about 4 rolls of filament. Recently, I had to transport the printer. Since then (coincidentally or not) our prints have been sort of squished.

I am attaching some pics of a Benchy I printed a while back (white), and one I just printed (grey). As I hope you can see, the new one is very rough, and the height is at least 1/4 inch shorter.

I could sure use (detailed) advice if someone can help a new user.


Are you able to provide a little more context for this issue?

Some information that will be helpful would be the following:
· Tool Head type?
· Filament Manufacturer, Material Type, and printing temperatures?
· Cura Version, Firmware version, Material Profile, and Quality Profile, or other slicing program?
· How were you attempting this? (USB Cable, SD/USB stick, Online Solution?)
· What have you done already in trying to resolve this?
· What computer/operating system are you using to slice your models?

Thank you in advance, this will help greatly speed up the diagnostics process!