Squished sample print New Taz 6

Followed instruction for setting up new Taz6 printer, using supplied filament. The sample print top layers are squished. I know nothing about 3d printing so keep your answers simple please. The one on the left came with printer, on the right is what it printed.

Ok let’s try this print from scratch. Go to the link below, download the file ( the file will be an .stl file).
If you haven’t downloaded the lulzbot cura program onto a computer the. Go to lulzbot.com download section and select the correct program for you ( either windows mac or Linux). Once the download is done follow the instructions on how to select the printer you have. After the program is setup find the octopus file you downloaded from the link below, drag and drop the file.
On the right side of the cura app select PLA as your filament and at the bottom right corner save the file ( the cura program changes the file to one the printer can read and use). Make sure to save the file onto the thumb drive that the printer came with in a location you can find the file on.
Once done try printing this and see what the outcome is.
If you have the same outcome please post it and I or someone can better help you.

It looks like you x-axis is out of level and could be accounting for the squished print.

Here is our guide on leveling the x-axis on your TAZ 6 printer.