sudden extrusion issues

Hi all , new to my taz however been printing for a little while and have had no issues , just finished a print no issues , started the next and it suddenly stopped extruding for no obvious reason . Any ideas ? as everything was working fine.


What type of filament? With the hotend at temp, can you push filament through with the idler disengaged?

It could be a couple things. If the first print was a particularily long one, and the follow up print happened immidiatly after, you could be dealing with nozzle blockage due to heat expansion of the length of the hot end itself. If you set your starting layer height with the nozzle at print temperature, but just after it reaches that temperature, the entire hot end itself has potentially not yet finished expanding to it’s full length. Depending on the size of the object, etc. it might not get to that full length until layer 2 or 3. At that point it’s a small enough difference that the layer itself just largely absorbs the variance. If you get all the way done with that print, and then immidiatly start another one without the nozzle having a chance to cool down any, the nozzle might still be at full expansion, and therefore closer to the print bed than it was for the previous part. That can cause the blockage and stripping issue.

It also could be overextrusion due to variances in fillament width. Some fillament, especially cheaper stuff is not uniform over its whole lenght and can tend to expand or contract, which does interesting and unfortunate things to your prints.

Also check that the Idler arm latch spring bolt thingies haven’t worked their way loose. There should be around 8-ish mm between the two washers on either side of those springs.