Tax 6 Poor Print Quality

I have been printing pretty heavily for the last few months and have noticed that the quality of my prints have gone down significantly. I have uploaded photos of my latest prints of 3D Benchy in green Lulzbot hips and white eSun pal. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to improve my print quality? Thanks



A big part of it is over extrusion. Drop the flow rate to 95% or so and see what happens. Or do a full calibration. Lulzbot printers come calibrated pretty well, but you always need to adjust things a bit for the particular filament and such.

Thinking of that, make sure to measure the filament and put that into your slicer. Most 3mm is about 2.85mm, that’s a good place to start, but the real measurement makes a big difference.

It turns out that the biggest issues was the cheap eSun filament but I did recalibrate everything as well. I ended up using PolyPlus PLA and have some ColorFabb is the way as well.