Taz 1 Clone

In april 2013 i started out building/sourcing for a Taz 1 Clone but it all ended up in box. After a lot of moving around i restarted the project two months ago and have printed my first print! the printer is printed in PLA and is running everything as it would be on a Taz 1. Actually it is even older as it is running a Rambo 1.0e which has given me some troubles with the firmware.

Electronics testing and crimping pins:

After first print:

Electronics assembly as of now (not pretty):

First part, the printer was not very calibrated. I was too eager. Printed in PLA:

Had som troubles with slic3r and cura going all crazy with the z axis in the start of the print so decided to test the bed corner g-code which was already taz friendly. I have later found out that i need to limit the z travel speed.

My plans with the printer are:

  • Get somebody to print me a abs extruder body as it has already started to warp over the hot end.
    Get a heated bed for it.
    Fix the wiring.
    Build the desk where it is going to live, definitely not a popular kitchen table installation.
    A extruder fan is ordered.

I am planning to install a heated bed and PEI sheet for printing ABS. But as i am am running the old Rambo 1.0e board and 20A 12V power supply i am not sure if i can run this heated bed:http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Silicone-Heater-Bed-12V-300-X-300MM-270W-For-Kossel-Pro-3D-Printer/709519_1981939715.html which is 22A. I would like to move up to 24V but my alternatives for that are: soldering the board with a new fuse(I am not used to soldering) or buying a new one. Any ideas?

Any suggestions for improvements or tips are appreciated.

And Last but not least thank you Lulzbot for open sourcing everything and the Ohai-kit, makes the assembly feel lite IKEA, And WaytoManyHobbies for helping me getting the heat-set inserts.

Nice little clone there!

You can get the machined parts to make that into a Taz 5 eventually here if you like: http://i-t-w.com/hardware/

I’d recommend at least doing the Y bed endplates now, since you wouldn’t need to alter firmware to add that, Stiffens up the bed considerably. You are also going to want to go with a 24 volt setup when you get your heated bed. 12v on a TAZ sized bed takes literally forever to heat to temperature. Here are the "turn a 12v taz into a 24V taz instructions: https://ohai-kit.alephobjects.com/project/taz_12v_to_24v/

Thanks for the advise Piercet!

My plan is to eventually turn it into a Taz 5 (clone), i have also been following your open rails mods. They look nice.

I thought that the Y axis change was a manufacturing-time decision since it has less printed parts, so wasn´t thinking about changing it. but now it made the list.

Guess i will have to tinker with the Rambo board and change the Yellow fuse to a automotive style 15A, has anyone here done this? I have read that you can replace it with jumper cables and have a “external” fuse holder but maybe there are fuses that fit where the existing yellow fuse is?

Looks good, Logi! Congratulations on your new machine.