Taz 2.0 manufacturered parts?

Still digging through the fragmented build documentation for the TAZ printer.

It seems that TAZ 2.0 replaced several printed parts (frame connectors and Z-Top) with machined parts. Obviously this must have been done to increase stability of the printer.

Is there anyone out there selling these parts? I see Lulzbot sells the Y-carriage, but these other machined parts don’t appear to be in the catalog.

I see that the frame corners, the Z Top Flat, and Z Top Side parts are all made from 3/16 black acrylic. It would be about $10 for a 6" x 20" cut to size piece. You can make them all from that with a drill press and a cutting tool of some sort.

Thanks dude, I pm’d robtheslob, but no word back yet.

Hmm, I would prefer to use a CNC to cut the parts, I’ll try to find someone local I guess, I was hoping to find someone online selling the parts already made.

Why “obviously”? I rather think it was done to allow production scaling. Printing parts takes time and Lulzbot can’t meet with demand.

Another example is the electronics enclosure which is now made of sheet metal. The original TAZ printed electronics enclosure required a huge amount of plastic and must have taken forever to print.

For a self-sourced TAZ I don’t see why go to the trouble of sourcing machined parts, it might be easier (and maybe cheaper?) to have them printed.

Those parts are laser cut. It is done so we have fewer parts to print and thus can scale up more, not to increase stability. There is no significant difference.