Taz 4.1 Self Destruct....

It was a quiet morning not unlike many others… My Taz 4.1 was serenading me with the wonderful sounds of yet another part nearing completion. As I patiently waited with silent joy it was all over before i could even turn around to see what that horrible sound was.

Within the span of what I can only describe as seconds:

  • I heard the saddening sound of filament grinding away as the Extruder stepper motor began to rapidly chew into the filament.
  • The power supply fan began to rattle
  • The LCD Screen became unresponsive and frozen in time. Its display lasting only long enough for me to see the amount of time lost on the print before resetting. Upon its return to life from what appeared to be a normal splash screen it displayed nothing but gibberish. To my surprise despite the reset the stepper motors & bed continued to run unaware of its own demise.

Quickly I thought! Shut-off the power!! As I darted to turn off the power switch. With a sad click it went off, and the machine fell silent. Its LCD screen dimming slowly as if it was to say goodbye old friend. goodbye… :cry:

So, yes I have too much free time don’t judge me. All entertainment aside… :laughing:
The machine is dead.

Not 100% sure what went first or why but here is what I can tell from the aftermath:

  • My LCD Screen has reset twice while powered on and not connected to anything or doing anything. When connected to the computer it appears to operate normally. It was printing via SD card and not connected at time of failure
  • The power supply fan while probably nothing more than bad timing has started to rattle in its housing. Interestingly enough it has not turned itself off even with the machine being off for over 2-3 hours now.
  • The Extruder stepper motor has failed and will no longer rotate under power. It still rotates freely by hand (Its increase in speed prior to death could be due to the machine resetting during the print or it just sounded faster as it chewed into the filament producing an unusual clicking noise)
  • The heating element in my hot end has failed. It currently indicates an open circuit. (Explains quite well why it no longer heats up and may also explain the filament jamming and temperature difference noticed in previous posts. Prior to this morning it was not dead but on its way perhaps. Last measured ohms prior to failure < 24 hours ago were 5.9ohms and 112kohms respectively for the heater and sensor respectively)

What does it all mean? Well its quite clear! Pesky gremlins entered my Taz during shipping and sat silently waiting to kill my <2mo printer. While i’m sure a vitamin cocktail could probably revive the old girl I have since submitted a return claim to amazon and purchased another. The amount of problems in such a short timeframe do not appear to be indicative in any way of other users experiences. Between that and the wonderful community and support I have received since day one it was obvious that the best choice was to return the printer and try anew as surely this was a one time incident. Till then the re-boxing and waiting game begins… (Support will also be notified as usual)

That’s rather odd! Sorry your printer went down like that. Once Amazon gets the printer back to us we’ll check it out to see what happened. In the meantime, if you have any questions with the replacement let us know.