Taz 4 Cable Pinching at Maximum Z Height

Wondering if we just have the extruder cable bundle routed wrong, or if it is a design problem, but when we move the extruder all the way to the top maximum Z (250mm), the cable gets pinched between the carriage and the aluminum extrusion frame. One or both Z motors stall out, depending on where the X axis is, and the level of the X axis gets all out of whack.

Does anyone else have this issue, when they run the Z height to all the way to the top? Have folks routed the extruder cable bundle differently (ie. not use the clip at the top of the carriage)? Or do you just set the maximum Z height to a lower value, and live with the smaller build height. Admittedly, it would be rare to need the full build height.

Thanks for any help,
Jim Rasmussen