TAZ 4 upgrade to HEX with Larger shroud - always on fan TOO SLOW, not adjustable via gcode OR firmware?

So upgraded a taz 4 from a Buddha to a All metal with the following shroud:

The problem I am running into is that the fan pointed at the cooling block is blowing very slowly. It appears to be plugged into a PWM pin, but setting #define EXTRUDER_FAN_SETUP 4 to 3 or any setting doesn’t allow me to run gcode to adjust it.

Meaning, once I turn on the machine, the fan goes very slowly. Trying to adjust it with M106 S255, M106 P0 S255 or ANY P0 setting, only adjusts the fan on the right (parts fan). Nothing will even adjust the coolblock fan.

What am I missing?

I upgraded firmware to the latest, and had a lot of problems with LCD stuff and other random things to adjust.

left – hexagon always on cooling fan - cannot adjust it and runs too slow - have to flick it once to get it going, barely turns
right – parts fan, only fan that is adjustable via no p setting or p0 p1 p2 etc for M106 Px Sx commands.

sorry for the bad lighting, but you get the idea. Followed verbatim the upgrade instructions provided on the website.


The left fan needs to be a 5 volt fan. You might also want to grab the end duct return shroud to get a bit more airflow from my project here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1113697

it might fit.

If it still isn’t running fast enough you could get a 24 volt fan and run a lead up there direct off the power supply.

Is there any way to make it so that a 12 v fan will work or is it limited by hardware not firmware?

With the piece we printed, i think it was 40% infill, but starting to see cracks along the holster (blue in my pic) the two screws that hold the sammich of hotend carriage and extruder together, is cracking the carriage mount from the two screw holes towards the center… So a reinforced one might be nice, but what is reinforced on it? We may simply need higher infill or a warmer cooling area (45F ambient T)

Thanks for your reply. Been struggling with this all morning.

Higher infill on the part is needed for strength there (85% infill) and the power supplied is 24 Volts or 5 volts depending on which pins you get power from. There is no 12 volts on the printer anywhere.

Well derp to me. Is there a guide for wiring a second fan to a 24v pin and how to calibrate it in firmware so it doesnt fry?

I mean 12v. We’ll probably just stick it on the mains like the open source community suggested to make it function properly.

The mains are also 24v. You’ll need a 24 volt fan to take the load properly. A 12v fan may work for a while until it stops working.

found out this was a 24v fan, we grabbed a 40mm 5v fan and its fine. Theres no 12v outputs left, and a 24v fan is overkill, the 5v one is superb and made us kick the ambient PLA temp up to 200 from 190.

The stock hex with the pelonis blower fan still prints great at 190. I