TAZ 5 Bed Not Heating but Thermistor Seems Good

I have a TAZ 5 running Marlin 1.1.9. Until recently it was working fine. I am getting the “Bed Heating Failed - Printer Halted” error. I have changed out the bed with another printer and it reproduces the error. I also heated both beds with a heat gun and the LCD shows the bed heating up.

What are next steps for debugging?

Please unplug the bed connectors going all the way back to the control board and inspect for any damage.

It is possible that there may be something wrong with the wiring harnesses and the first step would be a simple visual inspection.

I’ve had this issue come up for a few different reason but they were always tied to power. One of the wires snapped the first time. The second time the connection broke inside the heat plate. I would try putting power directly to the heat bed to make sure it heats up. Otherwise, it’s likely an internal break and it needs to just be replaced.

Thank you for the guidance. Should I just hook the heat bed up to an external supply and see if it will heat up? If so, what are the power specs for the heat bed? I cannot seem to find them anywhere.

I don’t remember the specs either but you can just do a continuity check with a multimeter. If there is not continuity it’s likely broken.