TAZ 5 Hot End to Cooling Fins loose?

Noticed this had some play in either direction (Had to remove the nozzle for a thorough cleaning :cry: ), is it supposed to be loose? In a hexagon install video the guy said this was supposed to be nice and tight. also I assume/hope the the blue stuff on top of the black stuff on the threads is just some sealant and tamper seal? i havn’t taken it off but can see it from the front.

I’m also getting this notorious nozzle clog that all the cool kids are talking about (PLA).

The blue ‘stuff’ is the thread seal/lock put on during assembly, but the ‘black’ stuff looks to be filament leaking up the threads. So I think your thread seal is broken and allowing leakage up the threads.

And the upper fins and lower block should not be loose!