TAZ 5 Mechanical Assembly in FreeCAD

I would like to share a TAZ 5 mechanical assembly done using FreeCAD.

It is still a work in progress.

All source files are attached below.

The TAZ 5 Final Assembly V0.1.fcstd file containts “movable constraints”. One can simulate the movement of all axes.


  • add better model of stepper motor
  • add better model of gt2 timing pulley (the manufacturer says he does not have any CAD drawings)
  • add better model of limit switch
  • add springs
  • add heat-set inserts
  • add grub screws
  • add thumb screws
  • add PEM standoffs
  • add print head(s)
  • some t-nuts in frame are missing

Thanks go to:

I do hope it will be useful.

TAZ 5 Final Assembly V0.1.fcstd (3.19 MB)
TAZ 5 Assembly V0.1.tar.bz2 (16.7 MB)



Wow, awesome! Really, really useful! You rock!

Nice work!