Taz 6 Auto Level Failure - Print Bed Too Low

Hey guys,

I just received a second hand Taz 6. It wasn’t packaged great and I had to replace some of the 3d printed parts on it (before i could print anything).

Once all together and on the desk, I attempt to print a test print, however after auto homing, it fails due to the hot end unable to make contact with the first corner washer during auto level (and the other 3 thereafter).

It seems as though the bed is too low.

I have check that the X axis is flat, which it is. The low height of the bed seems to be the same across the print bed. I have also noticed that even when it attempts to wipe the nozzle, it is barely touching the cleaning element.

I have tried different print profiles and even checking whether the frame is square or not.

Any help here is greatly appreciated.

Pictures will help of your Y-axis setup and how low your tool head travels. Here’s some of the TAZ 6 assembly documentation: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/group/taz-6/ What did you replace? What did you have to take apart to replace them?

Did it come with a Dual Printhead? Or was there one ever installed and used by that printer? Check if there’s a Z-axis switch extension mechanism installed.

For a visual reference see this reference step 11:

With that installed that will give you the same symptoms you’re experiencing.