Taz 6 - Broken Extruder

I’m a Taz 5 owner. This new Taz 6 just… how do we say it: “sh!t the bed” with a pile of nGen. This would have been my first print after the initial rocktopus. Very disappointed.

Contact lulzbot support with the picture. They’ll sent you a new printhead ASAP. That’s why you are paying for the warranty :slight_smile:

I’ll limp along with the flexystruder.

They’ll send you a new head first, then you send the old one back. They’ll pay shipping both way most likely. So go ahead and liimp along for now, but get that warranty in the queue ASAP. They have very quick turn around time.

Unless they have changed the warranty policy back to the way it used to be, don’t count on that.

My last Taz arrived with broken pins on the extruder connector. They wanted me to pay the return shipping…

I believe the have changed it. They used to send you a new part and then have you ship the old one back (which they paid for the shipping.

However more recently When I did a “rush” claim. I paid the cost of the entire new head - which they refund once I shipped the old head back to them. I should note, I paid for return shipping of the head.

The original system was nicer, but I’m not complaining either way. Honestly what is $10 in return shipping in the scheme of everything.

Well, in general warranty returns, it is common for the customer to pay the return shipping. The issue I had was that the part was damaged on arrival due to improper packing and they still wanted me to pay to send the toolhead back for repair. In the end, they agreed to cover the shipping but, I should not have had to fight them for it. I had just paid to have a new in the box functional printer sent to my house. That is not what I received.

So, that is the specific circumstance I am referring to. In general, Lulzbot customer support is absolutely fantastic. They just helped me troubleshoot a broken bed heater wire on my out of warranty Mini last week! :smiley: