Taz 6 E1 Thermal Runaway Error

Hello all,
I have printers that works fine, I put in a file for a Taulman 910 part and after ~3mm of layers it throws an E1 Thermal Runaway Error. I tried the same file on a different working printer and got the same error in seemingly the same spot. I resliced the part at a different spot on the build plate and it works.
I’ve had the same issue with Polymax PLA. It prints a few layers and then E1 Thermal Runaway Error. The only thing I can think is the slicer is messing something up as this is 3 different printers with 3 different tool heads and two very different filaments.

Any ideas on what’s causing it? Its making printing extremely unreliable. I can try a fresh Cura install but I’d rather not lose presets and settings.

Toolheads are standard single extruders.