Taz 6 Grinding Scraping on Plate Can't Print

My leveling just seems to be off and cannot print anymore because the nozzle would grind itself into the plate and jam up the motor. It’s pretty serious. I tried leveling the rods and nozzle from corner to corner. The setup seems fine. Nozzle is cleaned, goes back home for the temp to rise to correct level.

But as soon as the printing starts, the nozzle just jams right into the plate. Why is the setup good then the nozzle just nose dives into the plate? I have to turn off the printer. Otherwise the motor will just continue scraping into the plate and won’t stop.

What is your Z offset value?

Z offset value is -1.201. The taz 6 seems to be doing this by itself. I changed the value to half this. The scraping went away and got a probe failed message. When I go back to this setting, the value is back at -1.201.

You have to store the settings or it will go back to the original value after a board reset.