Taz 6 Hemera to Revo Conversion

When the Hemera was released I did the conversion please see picture since then it worked no problems now that Revo has been released I purchased the Revo conversion kit, I understand this means the length of the Hemera is now 10mm longer so the nozzle will be lower does this mean I will have to raise the head unit to compensate or will it be ok ???

The only thing you’ll have to worry about is reducing the max Z height in the slicer settings, since everything else is done off the limit switches and probes.

The part cooling fan shroud should direct the air at the part, not the nozzle. If the nozzle is 10mm lower, make sure it isn’t now in the path of the part cooling air stream. The heater may be able to compensate but it will have to work harder. If you have a silicone sock for the nozzle, then this can reduce the effect.

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Thanks for the reply I thought the limit and probes would do the job, I had forgot about the slicer max z height settings thanks… just going through the cabling to adjust for the revo…

yep thanks looking at dropping the part cooling fan shroud 10mm to compensate… thanks for the reply.