Taz 6 not probing/wiping correctly [Solved]

I have a Taz 6 with an Aerostruder V2 0.5mm. I started a print but it failed part way because of adhesion issues. Between the time I pulled the old print off and started the re-print, I tried to update the firmware. I plugged in to Lulzbot Cura and went through the update process. At this point I tried to start the print again, and now it tries to probe a corner (in an incorrect spot), and then tries to wipe where the wiper doesn’t exist. It doesn’t work even after auto-home. Doesn’t work after re-loading the Gcode on an SD card. Doesn’t work printing via USB. It always probes incorrectly and then wipes the air between the leveling button and the actual wiper pad. I’m really stumped with this one. I have probably put 300 hours into running a series of these printers but I have no idea what is wrong with this one.

Any thoughts? Maybe I should go back to a previous version of the firmware?

Edit: I should mention I am using an older iMac, a slightly older version of Cura, and it worked completely fine before the update.

It sounds like you have either the wrong firmware or the firmware didn’t load correctly.

FIGURED IT OUT. I’m a dummy. I have an aerostruder V1 instead of a V2. That apparently messes up all sorts of stuff when firmware updates are involved.

This was mostly a problem on my part. I haven’t seen these printers in about 8 months, so I didn’t recognize the difference between an aero V1 and V2. I sent it to them with a V2, and they must have changed it out at some point.