Taz 6 Print Quality issues


Im pretty new to the TAZ 6 I am using the original head with Polylite PLA with default settings. I am loving the printer but I’m getting this weird effect where is seems to be extra plastic. Please see below for images. Any advice on setting changes to improve the print quality would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The first thing I would check is the E-steps value. The procedure is documented in many places including here.

If the E-steps value doesn’t change (i.e. your measurements above show that you already have the right value), then you may need to adjust other settings. These include temperatures, retraction settings, etc.

I would find or create a smaller object to test with. Something like a 5x5x20 mm cube or cylinder. The goal is to find something that takes less time to print, uses less filament, but still shows the issue. I use Tinkercad for quickly creating simple test objects.

You can also search for other calibration objects. A temperature tower is always a good one to have available.

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Ended up helping, the E-steps went from 833 to 824. I did a few other tests that came out well and then I did a overhang test. This is pretty good!