TAZ 6 Sporadic Corner Gaps and 1 other issue

Perhaps someone has encountered these issues in the past. First I have my TAZ in the basement on a stable leveled platform.

I have been have issues with sporatic gaps on all 4 corners on larger prints, in this case is a dual battery holder for an environmental sensor package. See photo. The layers are bonded well in the center but start to separate on some levels about an inch from the corner. Material is IC3D PETG at standard profile.
At first I was wondering if I might need an enclosure to keep temperatures up. Basement is cool and there are no vents within 30 feet of the printer.

The second issue is on one curved edge on the inside of the battery holder there is excessive stringing and a very rough surface. Same issue same corner of both battery holders. One is much worse than the other.

I did also notice some other surface abnormalities on the outside of the holder on the same corner. It is odd that it is only on one corner.

Photos attached.

Any insight greatly appreciated.



Well, I looked at the default TAZ profile for IC3D PETG temperature which is 230 and compared it to the information on the IC3D site. Printing Temperature should be 240-270 according to IC3D, so I am raising the temp to 240 and trying again. This change I hope will fix the cracks in tall objects at least. The rest I am uncertain…

After several trials, I have been able to correct printing problems by using the 235 degrees, turning fans off and slowing the outer and inner wall speed to 20mm/s. Doing so I had only a couple of fine strings and no noted print errors. Smooth and clean print with PETG. Hope the experience will help someone else.