Taz 6 Tiliapia Strengthened Extruder mount with Filament Tube Guide

Just an update to PierceT’s 3.00mm strengthened extruder mount. I added a filament guide tube holder to help relieve stress on the filament. I also smoothed out the top section of the stepper mount and filleted several corners for aesthetic purpose.


I also made a new spacer that flows better between the carriage and extruder body.

Spacer.stl (421 KB)

And here are the full renders. If anyone wants the full file set let me know.

I would be interested in the full file set please!

I have it all posted on thingiverse now


Perfect, thank you!

Any ideas for one of these for the FlexyDually or Dual Extruder?

Love this! Found something similar on thingiverse and bolted in on tonight. I like the filament guide. Might have to do this as a reprint. Do you think this will fit on T0 of the dually v2?

No clue about either of the dually’s as i’ve not used them.

You theoretically could make it work. My similar extruder body will line up, but you need the angle offset for the front extruder height adjustment, so at very least you would need some custom spacers to make use of it. And a very, very long m3 bolt.

Maybe just adding it to T0 would give the dual toolhead a little more stability. I’m currently using a variant of this ext body on my single extruder and it seems like there is play. But I have noticed my z offset now needs a tweak.

Finally got around to trying to print this, but for some reason it’s not printing out the supports for the bearing hole or the idler mount no matter what I try for settings in CURA I’m only getting the base frame at the bottom. Any thoughts?

Lower the extrusion width to .35 I believe. Those things walls are narrow and won’t print if the extrusion width is too high.

Looks like I can get it to show up if I set it to a .3 nozzle, only issue is that I have a .5… Do you or anyone else know of any way to force cura to add the lines even if it’s under the nozzle width?

Don’t change nozzle width, change extrusion width. Not sure how to do it in Cura as I use S3D

Just add support from build plate only and it’ll print properly :slight_smile: